10 Problems Foreign Women Enjoy While Surviving In Korea

10 Problems Foreign Women Enjoy While Surviving In Korea

Ladies contain it genuine difficult. From painful durations, childbirth, job dilemmas, discrimination, and all sorts of items that lay a burden that is heavy them actually and mentally – women can be now talking away. With technology, usage of information, together with extensive usage of social news, females have actually a few avenues to inform their stories of hardships in the home, work, as well as in day to day life generally speaking.

Ladies who are part of the Facebook community called “Expat ladies in Korea” tell all concerning the common issues they encounter as foreigners while residing in Southern Korea. This community has 6,300 people at the time of writing. The individuals are English teachers, business employees, spouses of Koreans from Seoul, Cheonan, Incheon, Bundang, Pyeongtaek, and others.

From easy to complicated problems, these ladies wish that this can provide other ladies advice, warnings, or information about how life is a lot like as a lady foreigner living whether in money town Seoul or in the provinces. One caveat though: this particular feature will not in almost any real way seek to tarnish the country’s reputation.

In reality, many of these ladies are enjoying their life right here and have now so many things that are good state about residing and working in Korea, and mostly concur that the positives outweigh the negatives. However it all comes down to respect or shortage of it – and they are simply some of the harsh realities that ladies face each day – anywhere, whenever you want, all over the world.

1. The Problem Of Consent

Consent is a fairly word that is common today lots of people nevertheless don’t quite have an understanding of it. Lots of women reacted regarding how their individual area had been occupied or the way they encounter strangers getting or cat-calling them in the roads.*

“i obtained groped on by my driver to my very very first evening right here.” – Hayley

“i’m there are much too many creepy older dudes right right here. No body ever asked me personally the question, ‘How much?’ therefore many times in any nation around the globe aside from Korea. Within my area I’ve experienced stalking, individuals taking photos of me personally when I’m perhaps not searching ( maybe maybe not for publishing purposes)…” – Kseniya

2. Stereotyping

It absolutely was recently stated that the amount of foreigners surviving in Korea have increased to nearly 2 million, but this statistic has its own good and the bad.

“I think in Korea the thing that is first noticed once I came right here had been white has its benefits. But we have always been all too often thought to be effortless russian brides club or as being a trophy…” – Sabina

“Being international means we have some distinctions, but we’re only a few down for any such thing. Even though you are seeking a hook-up, we’re not prostitutes.” – Jessica

“For yes males had been my biggest problem in Korea. I’ve had drunks pull me around claiming i need to be described as a prostitute. And it also took place in most kinds of places, one guy attempted to kidnap me away from a subway platform also when, just stopping whenever another Korean man told him down, just one of 2 times somebody attempted to assist me.” – Chris

3. Fetishization

Than it is in reel as we should all know by now, Korea, with its fantastic and romantic dramas, is oftentimes different in real. “Oppas” aren’t exactly the men you anticipate them become, in addition they don’t constantly turn through to your home with plants.

“Being fetishized here is my biggest animal peeve.” – Mika

“Dating is hard. Many Korean males simply want to ‘ride the white tiger.’ Personally I think like I’m just a fascination and thus it is extremely lonely living right right here.” – Aletta

“…fetishized whenever dating (thank God I’m married now), grabbed by seniors arbitrarily (gents and ladies), taxi motorists pretending never to comprehend my Korean and money that is exhorting. It caused me personally an anxiety assault once I got driven off in the exact middle of nowhere. We don’t simply just take taxis at alone ever now (I live in the countryside) night. – Mana

4. Fear For Security

This will be associated with most of the above, which is the reason why great deal of females express the necessity for more crisis call facilities (devoted especially for females), communities where they could share their experiences and spread understanding, and security as a whole.

“The many difficult and disheartening thing I’ve noticed and witnessed is that police don’t ‘seem to’ care after exactly about women’s security, respect, or value. I’ve seen firsthand and in addition heard therefore many times that they don’t appear to offer a sh*t whenever a female happens to be mistreated, raped, or threatened.” – Julie

5. Discrimination

There’s no beating round the bush. It’s 2017 and walls are still being built literally and figuratively among various events. Blackface continues to be being shown on television enjoy it’s a thing that is normal. Maybe it’s lack of training, understanding, or it is due to a homogenous culture, but discrimination (against intercourse, battle, social financial status) continues to be undeniably a real possibility.

“I am presently along the way of starting my Hagwon, and lots of individuals, mostly males have actually expected me if i know about being the CEO/Director, while they think my hubby should really be responsible for my business.” – Brittaney

“I additionally get spat on by lots of old individuals. Old people actually hate foreigners.” – Aletta

6. Usage of Women’s Healthcare

“Women’s healthcare is obnoxiously costly right right here. Getting STD and pap tests are expensive as hell. In addition see it is difficult to visit a destination that is not really ‘judgey’ about you wanting delivery control/STD tests.” – Nell

“The stigma around getting most of these wellness checks is absurd!” – Sarah

7. Clothing And Shoes Options

“Bigger females, also somewhat larger than me personally, have actually genuine difficulty finding clothing right here.” – Kaity

“I next this. Additionally, larger Koreans have the problem that is same. I’ve had bigger Korean ladies ask me personally where We get my clothes. They can’t find any such thing on their own either. I do believe the clothes marketplace is lacking the mark on a complete demographic!” – Anna

“It’s therefore unjust! It does not have even almost anything to overweight do with being! In addition to sweet, fashionable jeans and skirts will always one size fits “most.” This type of fashionable town that only lets the thin girls wear the styles.” – Lindsey

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